• If you are a caterer, we can supply and deliver a unique selection of fine cheeses to your event and provide an overview/menu for your staff, and if needed we can set-up and run an attractive cheese station making it win-win-no-worry experience for you and your clients
  • If you are a private club or restaurant or vintner or wine/food club we can select and deliver a unique selection of fine cheeses on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, inclusive of a menu for clients and staff…all to provide your members and diners with a true flight of tastes.
  • AND…we are a caterer (traiteur) that specializes in stand alone private and corporate events, including tastings, wine pairings, and fondue or raclette parties, and depending on size and needs we have fantastic catering partners to meet your culinary wishes. Whether it be our artisan cheeses or our sommeliers arriving with unreleased wines for you to be the first to try, The Cheese Gourmand works to make you and your client’s experience of all that is meant to be savoured, unforgettable to the senses. From cheese and wine pairings, hand-made local charcuterie to yummy fondues and oozing raclette soirées to simple hands-on cheese-making, we can bring a unique experience to any event that you want to make a hit for friends, family or staff.

“I learned to see cheeses as so much more than the promise of gastronomic pleasure. Each one represented a condensed universe, a prism through which I could watch the evolution of humanity, atmospheres, seasons, memories…” Roland Barthélemy, one of the world’s great affineurs (agers) and connaisseurs of cheese.

Please note that we are all bilingual in English and French.