The new cheeses are here for delivery and for pick-up!

‘Cheese to Your Door!’ is a service provided by The Cheese Gourmand to help you get great Canadian artisanal cheeses on your dinner table.

Click here or the menu to find out more about this week’s offerings and how to order!

We offer a Cheese Box of 3 selections. Each selection of cheese is about 110-115 grams, for a total of 340 grams (pretty much 3/4 of a pound), giving you a wonderful tasting (dégustation) for 2 to 6 people.

$18.50 includes your choice of 3 cheeses in reusable wrappings, the box to store them in, some crackers to get you going and a description of each cheese to keep in your little black book of yummy foods. A ready to go for cottage weekends and picnics!

Full Box

In regards to storage. Afterwards re-wrap the cheeses in the paper they come in and place them back in the box and into your fridge. Simple as that!

Every couple of weeks I offer a selection of artisanal cheeses from across Canada. That’s right no international cheeses! My interest is about discovering the cheeses and cheesemakers from British Columbia to Newfoundland. And to be frank, there is some pretty amazing cheeses in our country. And with the recent change of heart of the Feds to allow a certain sum of unlicensed cheeses to be exported from Quebec, The Cheese Gourmand is ready to fill in the niche the Supermarkets and their plastic wrapped cheeses can’t and at a reasonable price.

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