Mixed Milk

clandestine-1Clandestin (ewe and nanny)

Fromagerie Le Detour (Notre-Dame-du-Lac, QC)

This soft yummy cheese is made by Mario Quiron nestled away in the sleepy area surrounding Lac Temiscouata in Eastern Quebec. It is a ground-breaking cheese from a pioneering cheese maker that has won many awards, including a first prize at the American Cheese Society Conference in 2007. Named for the clandestine alcohol trade that flourished during Prohibition, it is said that Clandestin’s aging caves once houses countless bottle liquor, bound for our thirsty neighbours in the United States. It has a pale straw coloured paste, and some restrained barnyard notes to match. It is a pleasure to eat; once you inhale the earthy aromas and the rind softly breaks in your fingers, you are rewarded with soft, yielding paste that is both tangy and smooth. The single herd sheep milk plays elegantly off of the solid base of quality Quebecois cow milk. Pasteurized sheep and goat milk. Washed and bloomy rind. Aged 60 days.

seour angeleSoeur-Angèle (cow, nanny)

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (Eastern Townships, Noyan, QC)

Founded in 1981 by Mr. Fritz Kaiser, the cheese dairy is situated in Noyan close to the border of the state of New York. The dairy specializes in the production of washed, bloomy and mixed rind cheeses. In the past few years, the dairy has garnered several prestigious awards, including the Grand Prix des Fromages Canadiens in 2004 for the and again in 2006 for the Miranda (in the category for cheese aged over 6 months). Soeur- Angèle is a double cream cheese made with cow milk, goat milk and a dash of cream. It has a fresh mushroom aroma accompanied by the taste of milk and cream from goat’s milk. Le Soeur Angèle has a melting to almost runny texture and a tender centre. Bloomy rind cheese. Made with pasteurized cow and goat milk. Aged 30 days.

grandmanitouLe Grand Manitou (cow, ewe, nanny)

Fromagerie La Suisse Normande (Saint-Roch-de-L’Achigan, Lanaudière, QC)

Made of a distinguished mixture of cow milk, goat milk and ewe milk, Grand Manitou cheese has a unique characteristic, uniting the flavours of butter and cream along with a goaty finale. Under its fine, mixed, cream-coloured rind is a lovely, soft, smooth paste. My suggestion is that you let it get room temperature, any cold will prevent truly enjoying the multiple flavours. Blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Mixed rind, soft paste. Aged 30 days.

Tomme SeguinLa Tomme de Monsieur Séguin (cow, nanny)

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (Noyan, Montérégie, QC)

La Tomme de Monsieur Séguin is a semi-soft cheese that blends the creaminess of cow’s milk with the distinct flavour of goat’s milk. It smells like wild mushrooms but tastes like almonds with a hint of caramel. The cream coloured body is supple yet flexible and has a smooth rind. It tempts the palate with a fine mix of mild flavours that end on a lightly caprine note. This washed-rind cheese is named after a classic French tale about a goat — La Chèvre de Monsieur Séguin — and is crafted by award-winning artisan cheesemaker Fritz Kaiser who has been making cheese in Quebec since 1981. He now makes almost 20. Everything is done by handand the resulting cheeses are aged on wooden planks. With 30 years’ experience, creating a new cheese has become easier, he says, but adds that “if a cheese maker ever says they’ve finished learning they shouldn’t exist.” Serve it up with a mellow wine like Riesling or an ice-cold pint of cider. Pasteurized blend of cow and goat milk. Semi-firm with a washed rind. Aged 30-45 days.

Verdict d'AlixinaVerdict d’Alexina (cow, ewe, nanny)

Fromagerie Detour (Notre-Dame-du-Lac, QC)

Soft cheese surface ripened, the verdict Alexina has a distinctive taste. In 500 grams, its texture changes from farm streaming older. Crust, slightly orange, freeing the rich aromas cattle, goats and sheep. This is a beautiful blend of the three milks, cow, sheep and goat with a bloomy rind and aged for 30-45 days. From the same producers of the Grey Owl. In addition to harmonizing with the colors of the Acadian flag, this original composition of three milks highlighted the complicity of the three regions that will host the next World Acadian Congress in 2014 of Acadia; Maine, Madawaska and Témiscouata. Alexina recalls the pride of the Acadian people conveyed by its women and men.