Washed Rind

Washed Rind

“Washed rind” is used to describe those cheeses that are surface-ripened by washing the cheese throughout the ripening/aging process with brine, beer, wine, brandy, or a mixture of ingredients, which encourages the growth of bacteria. The exterior rind of washed rind cheeses may vary from bright orange to brown with flavor and aroma profiles that are quite pungent, yet the interior of these cheeses is most often semi-soft and, sometimes, very creamy and wonderfully smooth on the palette. Washed rind cheeses may be made from both pasteurized and raw milk, depending on the style of the cheese and the cheesemaker producing them.

14 Arpents14 Arpents : Fromagerie Médard (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, QC)

This is a farm cheese made from the whole milk of brown Swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, it has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages. The cheese is named after a road that borders the dairy, le Chemin 14 Arpents. (14 acres). Made with pasteurized cow milk. Washed rind and soft paste. Aged 30 days.


1608Le 1608 : Laiterie Charlevoix (Charlevoix, QC)

Le 1608 uses milk from hardy Canadienne cattle, whose ancestors were brought to Canada from France between 1608 and 1670. Considered an endangered cow, the majority of these animals are now unique to the Charlevoix region in Quebec. Le 1608 develops a pale orange exterior that is washed with brine while ripening. Developing a full, barny aroma, the paste tastes nutty at the rind and has a complex, fruity flavour that emerges from its melt-in-the mouth texture. The Canadienne descended from a few hundred cows brought over from Normandy and Brittany some 400 years ago. After high yelding milk cows were introdiced, the breed declined as a primary variety of milk producer to about 500 Canadiennes left in North America. Pasteurized. Semi-firm, washed rind. Aged two to three months and never beyond six months.


alfred-le-fermierAlfred le Fermier : Fromagerie La Station (Compton, Estrie, QC)

This cheese proudly carries the name of the family’s great grandfather, Alfred Bolduc. Alfred le Fermier symbolizes a family tradition whose mission is to cultivate the soil, live on it and hand it down to future generations in even better condition. Le Station has a herd of 50 Holstein dairy cows, a closed herd for over 40 years. Each year, by the middle of May, the herd is put in the fresh pasture, a soil that is fertilized strictly with organic products (Garantie bio-Écocert). A crop rotation is performed and none of the feed comes from outside sources other than a few organic minerals used to fulfill the feed ration. This farmstead cheese is raw and aged on wood boards. It has a yellowish-orange rind that produces a nice woodsy aroma, a flowery, hazelnut flavour, and can be distinguished by its supple texture. Raw cow milk. Pressed & cooked. Washed rind. Aged for 6 to 8 months.


AlpindonAlpindon : Kootenay Alpine Cheese Co. (Creston BC)

“Gift of the Alpine,” as the names refers is a premium cheese, which is carefully modeled after French Beaufort d’Alpage. Following centuries old tradition this cheese is hand-rubbed and made only with milk from summer pastures. It exhibits a smooth nut flavour, a complex finish, a rich golden interior and a dark textured rind. Additional aging concentrates its flavours, deepens its complexity, and increases the sweet crystals that develop throughout the body of the cheese. Towering over Kootney Cheese pastures is the magnificent Thomson Mountain range, and it’s alpine meadows and forested slopes which maintain a sentinel over the dairy farm. They milk approximately 80 cows, mostly Holstein but also some Swedish Red, Guernsey and Normande (a French cheese breed). Raw organic cow’s milk. Farmstead style, made on-farm, from the milk of their own single organic herd. Washed rind. Cave aged for a minimum of 90 days.


Baluchon-1Le Baluchon : Fromagerie F.X. Pichet (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, QC)

Le Baluchon is semi-firm. It has a moist paste and a slight sheen to its butter-yellow colour. The aroma is fresh, creamy and barny. The flavour nicely balances salt and fruitiness with a mellow, savoury finish. The earthy, somewhat gritty, rind is a wonderful complement to the rest of the cheese. Mr. Pichet did not like the conventional way of doing things. He wanted to work organically, so in 1989 he bought his family’s farm and started from scratch. At Fromagerie F.X. Pichet, no pesticides or herbicides are used on the land. Cows are not pushed to milk to a maximum, and antibiotics are avoided during lactation. Mr. Pichet rotates his crops to maintain soil quality and reduce insects and disease. He also practises “intensive pasture control.” This means the grazing cows alternate among several parcels of land, ensuring fresh grass for their feed and time for the land to be rejuvenated. Organic, raw milk, washed rind cheese that is aged a minimum of 60 days.


Beau'sBeau’s : Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese (Woodstock, ON)

Beau’s is a delicious marriage of our Oxford Harvest cheese with Beau’s All Natural Brewing of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. This sumptuous semi-soft cheese is washed every other day with a seasonal beer from Beau’s – only dark ales are used. For this batch, it’s Beau’s Beaver River IPA, a dark amber ale with a full, malty flavour accented nicely by aromatic European hops. The beer is made from completely organic ingredients. The base cheese is modeled after a Swiss style of washed rind called Mütchli, a very mild cheese with a smooth, rich texture. This is an artisan, farmstead cheese. The dairy is located on Friesvale Farm near Woodstock Ontario and the animals are fed from feed grown on its 500 acres. Cheese maker Shep Yesselstein apprenticed in Switzerland, where he learned the recipe for this cheese. Pasteurized cow. Semi-soft. Beer washed. Aged 60 days.


BelleMereBelle-Mère : Fromagerie Médard (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, QC)

You will find la Belle-mère (mother-in-law) impossible to resist. This is a gorgeous farmstead cheese made with the whole milk from Brown Swiss Cows. Its impeccable orangey brown washed rind encloses full aromas of grilled almond and honey and the air of an aged Raclette. Pasteurized Cow milk,washed rind, semi-firm pressed paste. Aged 3 months.


Blackburn-1Le Blackburn : Fromagerie Blackburn (Jonquière, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, QC)

This hardy cheese is made in 10-kilogram cylinders and covered in a thin, copper-coloured rind. Its paste is a pale yellow and the fine cracks in its texture hint at the crumble that is characteristic of its moist, fresh interior. The aroma is rich and promises a full, complex flavour. While it’s salty and creamy off the top, slightly sour notes roll out on the palate but never overwhelm. Cheese maker Marie-Josée Blackburn explains that they press the cheese to expel the whey and then put the curd through a mill to cut it very fine, after which it gets salted. It is then put into the moulds and pressed again. During affinage, which happens in a ripening room dedicated to Le Blackburn, the rind is brushed regularly until the initial sticky, moist exterior becomes dry. Thermalized Holstein cow milk. Washed/brushed rind. Aged 6-10 months.


Bocke-2Bocké : Fromagerie Champêtre (Repentigny, QC)

With its magnificent soft, creamy paste and an amber-coloured rind, Le Bocké offers a surprisingly soft and delicate harmony of wild-mushroom aromas. Its distinctive flavour comes from being hand-washed in Bock de Joliette beer, the star product of the famous L’Alchimiste brewery. It is aged in a room with meticulous care for 30 to 40 days. Made with the highest quality local ingredients, Le Bocké is unquestionably a product that is characteristic of the Lanaudière region. Winner at the 2014 Sélection CASEUS competition in the Semi-soft Cheese with a Washed, Mixed or Natural Rind category. Pasteurized cow milk. Semi-soft. Washed rind. Aged 30 to 40 days.


CabouronLe Cabouron : Fromagerie Blackburn (Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Jonquière, QC)

This farmstead cheese is made with milk drawn from the cheese maker’s herd, following a traditional and artisanal method. Under its thin and fragile orange-coloured rind lies a cheese that is generous, supple and rather elastic. Its texture is soft, creamy and consistent. Its aroma is very mild and milky and its sweet taste is that of butter and nut, with a salty, slightly acidic finish. Don’t look for “cabouron” in the dictionary! The word was used by the Blackburns’ ancestors to mean a hill or mound. The word got its meaning from the French expression “cap à bout rond” which means “cape with a round top”. To this day, some rounded capes still carry that name. Le Cabouron finished second in the category of semi-soft cheeses at the 2010 British Empire Cheese Show. Pasteurized cow. Semi-soft, uncooked, pressed farm cheese with a washed orange rind. Aged 45-60 days.


CanotierLe Canotier de l’Isle : Fromagerie de L’île-Aux-Grues (Chaudière-Appalaches, Québec)

Le Canotier de l’Isle is a firm paste cheese ripened on the surface. Under the delicate rind of ochre shades, the ivory paste reveals the very typical taste of hazelnut, with a pleasant fruity note, and cream. The artisanal method used to make the Canotier de l’Isle is inspired by an ancestral recipe perfected by the first cheese makers who arrived on the island at the beginning of the 20th century. The label shows a painting by the artist Robert Gagné from l’Isle-aux-Grues. The painting represents the transport of materials and mail by ice canoe, the only way to reach the island in winter during the era of the first cheese factory in the nineteen hundreds. Thermalized cow milk. Washed rind, firm paste. Aged 1 year.


clos-st-ambroseClos St-Ambroise : Fromages Fritz Kaiser (Montérégie, QC)

This variety is born of the marriage of two great products – cheese and beer. The magnificent combination highlights the fruity aromas of this cheese. The rind is washed with St-Ambroise beer, which lends it a beige-to-copper color. The pale yellow interior has a soft and slightly supple texture. That perfect combination accentuates the cheese’s fruity and milky aromas. The cheese’s intensity varies from mild to strong, depending on its age. Its fruity taste also features hints of nuts and beer. Semi-soft, uncooked, beer washed rind,pressed cheese, surface-ripened for over 6 weeks and made with pasteurized milk.


comtommeComtomme : Fromagerie la Station de Compton (Eastern Townships, QC)

The Comtomme cheese is produced directly on the family farm from organic milk and aged for 90 to 150 days on wood boards. It has a copper-coloured washed rind and golden ivory paste, with a fruity aroma of apples and butter while the texture is smooth, melts quickly and is not sticky. This cheese is excellent served on a platter or used in a raclette. The name refers to the town (Compton) where it is produced as well as to the type of cheese: the Tomme. Organic thermalized cow milk. Washed rind, semi soft past. Aged 2 months.


Peppercorn RacletteCompton Peppercorn Raclette : Fromagerie la Station de Compton (Eastern Townships)

This is a certified organic cow’s milk farm cheese. Ripened for a minimum of 90 days, it has a semi-firm golden paste, a coppery-coloured washed rind and a supple, melting texture. It has a subtle fruity aroma of butter crab apples and is very well balanced on the palate. La Raclette de Compton is an all-round all-occasion cheese. Super for grilled cheese sandwiches! Organic thermalized cow milk washed rind, semi soft paste. Aged 3 months.


cru-du-cantonLe Cru du Canton : Fromagerie L’Autre Versant (Hébertville, Québec)

The adventure begins in the 1800s when, Yves-Luc Tremblay and Sophie Ouellet, arrived by the river Aulnaies to Hébertville. Since then, five generations of farmers have followed this heritage farm. The current owners since December 2000, Stéphane Tremblay Chantale Lalancette, have realized their dream of making a farmhouse cheese from the milk of their cows. The milk of their Ayrshire cows. The Ayshire cows are treated with respect and a diet based mainly fresh herbs and natural pasture dry hay. Firm. Raw Cow. Washed rind. Aged 3 months.


crudeserablesCru des Érables : Le Studio Fromager (Ferme-Neuve, QC)

Le Cru des Erables is a soft cheese with a washed rind. It is ripened in the cellar of the family’s sugarhouse with a Charles-Aimé Robert, its rind is washed with a port wine made from maple sap. Its aroma evokes wild mushrooms and hazelnuts, and it has a slight taste of salty cream and mushrooms. Le Cru des Erables will let you discover the wealth of resources of the “Upper-Laurentians”. Thermalized Cow milk. Washed rind, soft paste. Aged 60 days.


CrossroadsCrossroads Sheep Gouda : Crossroad Farm and Gunn Hill Cheese (Norwich and Woodstack ON)

In 2012, farmers Brad Lunn and Dan McMillen had an excess of sheep milk on their hands and no one to buy it. “We were at a crossroads in our farming career,” says McMillen, which is when they decided to turn their milk into cheese and Crossroad Farms Sheep Gouda was born. An eight-month-old wheel speaks of good milk and good cheese making with creamy, fruity notes that develop in complexity, evolving from an approachable combination of buttery sweetness and slight tang into deeper smoky, nutty notes. With no cheese-making experience, McMillen approached Oxford County cheese producer Shep Ysselstein of Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese for help and the results have been a great success. Pasteurized sheep milk. Washed rind. Aged 6-8 months.


diableDiable aux Vaches : Studio Fromager (Laurentides, QC)

Diable aux Vaches is a “maroilles” type soft cheese with a washed rind. The name “Diable aux Vaches” was chosen in honour of the “Montagne du Diable” (Devil’s Mountain) in the Upper-Laurentians. The cows that provide the milk for this cheese graze in the lush fields at the base of this mountain. Thermalized cow milk, washed rind, soft paste. Aged 60 days.


ibervilleD’Iberville : Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs (Montérégie, QC)

This farm cheese is semi-soft with a washed rind made from raw milk of the fromagerie’s 30 Brown Swiss Cows and certified-organic by Garantie Bio-Ecocerteir, hence the milk does not undergo any high heat sterilization process that would result in reducing the original microbial flora which over time allows the cheese to acquire a magnificent flavour of herbs and flowers. The milk is never stored; within 12 hours of milking the cheese making process begins. Organic raw Cow milk. Washed rind, semi soft paste. Aged 60 days.


Douanier-2Le Douanier : Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (Noyan, QC)

The cheese features a signature central line of edible vegetable ash reminiscent of the Québec and American border, where this cheese is made. With its earthy aroma and organic flavour, Le Douanier tempts the palate with a hint of nuts and green apple. Le Douanier is made in three-kilo wheels with a copper-coloured rind. The dense, pale gold paste has tiny eyes and is split with a thin line of grey-blue ash made from maple wood. The AOC Morbier, the cheese that inspired Douanier, comes from France’s mountainous Franche-Comté region, also the home to the famous Comté cheese. In fact, the leftover curd from Comté’s production – huge, 37-40 kg wheels – was once used to make the smaller, six- to eight-kilogram Morbier wheels. A semi-soft cheese with a washed and brushed rind. Pasteurized cow milk. Aged for more than 9 weeks. Washed rind. Personally, I aged one for 6 months and it was exquisite!


fetardLe Fêtard : Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule (Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, QC)

Le Fêtard is a semi-soft cheese whose rind is soaked and washed with Maudite, a strong (8%) Quebec beer brewed by Unibroue. The beer gives the coppery orange rind a distinctive bitterness and a slightly caramelized aroma. The dense, cream-coloured interior is firm, supple and crumbly all at once, with aromas of fruits and butter. On the palate, its taste is initially that of cream and butter. The beer’s flavour then becomes more present. The milk comes from a neighbouring farm’s Holstein herd where pastures give the milk, and hence the cheese, a unique character and aroma typical of the Lanaudière region. Add to that the beer-soaking process that gives a festive taste to the Le Fêtard, and you’ve got a cheese that’s sure to win you over! Made of thermalised milk, washed rind and aged at least 60 days.


Five-Brothers-CheeseFive Brothers : Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese (Woodstock, ON)

This is a hand crafted washed rind cow’s milk cheese that combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller. It is delicately aged on cedar wood planks adding robust flavors to the cheese. It has creamy and rich flavors with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout the body of the cheese. Oxford County boasts some of the most abundant and fertile soils in Canada earning it the title “Dairy Capital of Canada” All of the milk used comes from our family dairy farm, Friesvale Farms, where the cattle are recognized throughout Canada for being of top quality due to the personal care that comes from the farm being family run. Most of the feed they consume is grown and harvested on the rolling hills surrounding the farm, including corn, grass and alfalfa. Whole pasteurized milk. Natural Rind. Aged for 8 months.


fouduroyFou du Roy : Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde (Laurentides, QC)

A semi-firm, washed rind farm cheese made with organic cow’s milk. During the aging process, its pink-orange rind is covered with a thin down of whitish-grey penicillium. This soft, melt-in-your-mouth cheese offers a delightful taste of butter, peanuts, hay and a slight hint of the country. This cheese was a finalist in the 2006 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, in the farm cheese category. Organic pasteurized cow milk, washed rind, semi soft paste. Aged 60 days.


frere chasseurFrère Chasseur : Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, (QC)

Frère Chasseur is a Tête de moine type of cheese. It is farmstead and made from raw organic milk. Its washed rind has an ochre colour and the rich yellow paste displays both fruity and roasted aromas. This cheese is named after a secret society of patriots exiled in the United States whose members came mainly from Iberville and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where the farm and creamery are located today. “We use organic farming techniques to maximize the use of the soil and transfer these characteristics to the milk and then, the cheese. For the cheese to acquire a taste of the plants of the field and preserve its flavour and aroma we never overwork our four-legged damsels and they are fed a sufficient amount of forage harvested on the farm.” Organic raw cow milk, washed rind, firm paste. Aged 6 months.


guillaume-tellGuillaume Tell : Fromagerie du Domaine Féodal (Lanaudière, QC)

Guillaume Tell cheese is macerated and washed in ice cider from the Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte giving it a beautiful orangey colour under a partially bloomy rind. This brie-style cheese has an aroma of fermented apple and melt-in-the-mouth flavours of cream and green apple. It requires three months of ripening and is highly acidic with a hint of sweetness at the end. The rind is edible and extremely important to the tasting of the cheese. Unique and great with a sweeter white. Ice wine washed rind. Aged for 3 months in-house.


HandeckHandeck : Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese (Woodstock, ON)

This is a hand crafted washed rind cow’s milk cheese that is produced using the same methods as a typical Swiss mountain style cheese. It is available at 12 months old and in the future we will offer a 2 – 3 year old version. It is delicately aged on cedar wood planks adding robust flavors to the cheese. It is a drier hard cheese with very rich and complex flavors and nutty overtones. All of the milk used comes from our family dairy farm. It pairs well with red wines such as Pinot Noir and also dark roasted beers. It comes as a 20 – 25 kilogram wheel and or can be cut into 5 kg quarter wheels or smaller sizes by order.


kenogamiKénogami : La Fromagerie Lehmann (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, QC)

The Lehmann family moved from Switzerland to Lac-St-Jean in 1983. The children, Sem, Isaban and Lea were inspired by their parents’ (Jacob and Marie) passion for working the land and became involved at a very young age. They decided to name the cheese after the historical Kenogami road, which was at one time the main link between the residents of Saguenay and Lac-St-Jean. Their milk comes from the Brown Swiss cow, the oldest breed of milking cow, which can be distinguished by its ability to transform grass and hay into the richest milk. Thermalized raw cow, surface-ripened, semi-soft.


Mamirolle (1)Mamirolle : Fromagerie Rang 9 (Plessisville, QC)

This washed rind, semi-soft cheese is made with pasteurized milk. Ripened 4 to 5 weeks on a white-pine board, it is covered by a thin, humid and all-natural orange-coloured rind. The ripening solution contains annatto, an orange-coloured vegetable colourant. The cheese is supple and smooth, and ivory in colour. Featuring a pronounced aroma and a lingering taste, Le Mamirolle improves with age due to its mild and fruity taste. Its name is inspired by the town of Mamirolle, France, where, in 1935, the École d’Industrie Laitière (ENIL) developed the unique method used to produce the cheese. It has been made in Quebec since 1996 under the exclusive license of Fromagerie Éco-Délices. Finalist in 2015 and winner in 2013 at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, in the Washed or Mixed-rind Semi-soft Cheese category. Pasteurized whole milk. Washed and surface-ripened. Aged 30-40 days.


MagiedeMadawaskaMagie de Madawaska : Fromagerie Le Détour (Notre-Dame-du-Lac, QC)

This soft cheese is made with milk that comes exclusively from Jersey cows from the Témiscouata region. Its orange rind is shiny, soft and sticky, sometimes displaying white moss spots. Like the rind, the ivory-coloured interior is sticky. Magie de Madawaska has a mild, lactic, woody and earthy aroma that becomes more pronounced with age. Its taste varies from mild to strong, with an earthy, roasted hazelnut and lactic (melted butter) flavour. The name “Madawaska” evokes the historical presence of the Malecites, who inhabited the Témiscouata region long before the arrival of the first colonists. Much of the area was known as the Seignory of Madawaska. The word “Magie” (which means “magic”) thus suggests the direct link between the cheese maker and the greater Madawaska region. The image on the label proudly borrows from the historical mural by Claude Picard, an internationally renowned painter from the Edmunston region. Pasteurized whole cow milk. Washed rind. Aged 60 days.


Metayeres-pointe-etiquetteMétayères : Fromagerie Du Champ À La Meule (Lanaudière, QC)

“Les Métayères (The Sharecroppers)” evokes Marguerite Bourgeoys and the sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal who exploited the farm of the Maison Saint-Gabriel for almost three centuries. Its pulp is soft and very flexible. More unctuous, it will reveal lactic flavors, cream and butter, devoid of any bitterness. Martin Guilbault and his team produce cheeses with passion reputable and well respected in the Quebec industry and now internationally. The cows are Lanaudière Holsteins. The cheese is also reminiscent of their classic Victor et Berthold but has a smoother feminine taste and texture. Raw milk, salt, bacterial cultures, traditional rennet. Semi firm, washed rind. Aged 60 plus days.


Migneron-1Migneron : Maison Maurice Dufour (Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix, QC)

Migneron de Charlevoix carries the distinction of being one of five cheeses that kick-started the Quebec artisanal cheese industry in the mid-nineties. The name Migneron de Charlevoix commemorates Anne Migneron, the first wife of Robert Gabriel Dufour, the first Dufour to come to Quebec from France, sometime between 1640 and 1650. The washed rind is peach-coloured with a smattering of golden straw tones and a hint of butter and hazelnut. The cheese’s exterior washed rind is pungent – it carries the aroma of a barn interior on a rainy day – sharp, full and fresh. The paste smells sweet and creamy and has a supple softness. Sliced paper-thin with a cheese plane, it’s as silken in the mouth as if melted. Semi-soft surface-ripened, washed rind cheese. Made with pasteurized whole milk. Aged 50-60 days.


mirandaMiranda : Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (Noyan, QC)

A Canadian creation and a true secret of Fritz Kaiser. It has flavours somewhat similar to those of sharp Gruyère. A firm cheese (pressed and cooked cheese, both surface and interior-ripened, washed rind). pinkish to copper smooth rind colour; beige interior; firm texture with little flexibility. Nut and wet straw aroma. A salty taste, accents of nut and apples reminiscent of Swiss gruyere cheese. This makes for a beautiful fondue or grilled cheese. Yum. Semi-firm. Washed rind. Pasteurized cow. Aged 2-3 months.


monnoirMonnoir : Frommagerie Au Gré des Champs (Montérégie, QC)

This is an farmstead cheese (meaning the cheesemaker also raises his/her cows) and certified by bio-écovert. While ripening for more than 6 months this cheese develops a buttery smell and aromas of the cellar air. It has a hazelnut flavour with hints of caramel and a subtle roasted taste. Its beautiful rustic rind, yellow paste with little holes and unique taste make this an exceptional cheese which is one of the reasons it is not very often available (so enjoy while you have it). The history of a good farm cheese starts in “the land of the one who makes it”. Daniel Gosselin runs this farm with Suzanne Dufresne and their daughters Marie-Pier and Virginie producing cheeses of unique flavour, aroma and character which is the result of a rigorous cheese-making process using a field of aromatic plants and flowers and of course their herd of Swiss brown cows. Organic raw milk. Firm paste and natural rind. Aged for 6 months.


Mont JacobMont Jacob : Fromagerie Blackburn (Jonquière – Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, QC)

The Blackburn farm was established 80 years ago by great-grandfather Napoleon Blackburn and four generations later, in 2006, his descendants began making cheese. Underground pipes which run below the street transfer the farm’s own milk from the bulk tank directly to the cheese factory. Its nutty, salty essence reveals itself in a rich meaty flavour explosion that is tempered by a fruity sweetness. Le Mont Jacob’s has a semi-soft, surface ripened texture with a delicate odour and flavours of fruit and hazelnuts. Its washed rind is the result of many careful washing and rubbing processes that encourages the exterior flavours to infuse the interior of the cheese. Pasteurized cow milk. Semi-soft washed rind. Aged for 6 weeks


pikaubaPikauba : La Fromagerie Lehmann (Hébertville, QC)

The Lehmann’s uses the Brown Swiss cow, the oldest breed of milking cow, which can be distinguished by its ability to transform grass and hay into the richest milk. Pikauba is a farmstead cheese that can be enjoyed in wedges or melted in a raclette. Beneath its delicate orange-coloured rind lies a golden yellow cheese that is yielding and dotted with small holes, it has a buttery, slightly fruity taste. It is Inspired by a Félix Leclerc quote, “Our lives are like rivers, calm in the depths and turbulent on the surface,” the cheesemakers named the cheese Pikauba after a river that flows through the Parc des Laurentides. Thermalized cow, semi-firm and pressed. Washed rind. Aged 5-6 months.

pRESQUIILEPresqu’île : La Fromagerie Champêtre (Repentigny QC)

This semi-soft cheese, with a mixed orange washed rind is covered with a thin white bloom. Its hand washing gives it its nice crust, as well as its milky, herbal aroma and a taste of cream and wild mushrooms. Its texture is smooth and creamy and melts in your mouth.In 2001, the Fromagerie Champêtre, originally establish in Repentigny, created and named a cheese Presqu’île in honneur of the Repentigny city, a peninsula that’s bordered by the St. Lawrence, L’Assomption and Des Prairies Rivers. Pasteurized whole milk. Semi-soft, mixed rind. Aged 30-40 days. Winner of the prestigious Sélection Caseus 2009 cheese competition.


reserve-la-perade-2Réserve La Pérade : Fromagerie F.X. Pichet (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Québec)

This firm, washed-rind organic cheese is made with thermized milk. It is ripened for five months, which gives it its refined taste. It has a soft aroma that subtly evokes the farm and contains, in its creamy and melting texture, touches of sweet clover and walnut flavours. Réserve La Pérade won first prize at the 2012 Royal Agriculture Winter Fair and second prize in its category at the 2009 British Empire Cheese Show. Semi-firm. Organic/thermalized cow milk. Washed rind. Aged 2 months.


RoubineRubine de Noyan : Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser (Eastern Townships, Noyan, QC)

Founded in 1981 by Mr. Fritz Kaiser, the cheese dairy is situated in Noyan close to the border of the state of New York. The dairy specializes in the production of washed, bloomy and mixed rind cheeses. In the past few years, the dairy has garnered several prestigious awards, Rubine de Noyan is a soft cheese derived from cow milk that possesses a mixed rind. This young cheese has a thin white rind on a coppery backdrop. An earthy mushroom aroma is accented by a subtle nutty yet buttery taste. The cheese has a melting or runny texture and a soft tender centre. Whole pasteurized cow milk. Mixed rind. Aged 40 days.


tete-papineauTête à Papineau : Fromagerie Montebello (Montebello, QC)

This semi-firm cheese is named for an expression often used in Quebec. The expression « Ça prend pas la tête à Papineau » means you do not have to be as smart as Papineau who was a great speaker. People drank his words and he was known by the population at large as a very intelligent man. The expression really means you do not have to be intelligent to understand a situation. If someone uses this expression with you, it is surely because you do not seem to understand a simple problem. Beneath its slightly orange-coloured rind with a fine white bloom lies a soft interior. Its taste is mild, and it features a creamy aroma with herbal notes. Pasteurized cow’s milk. Semi-firm, washed rind, ripened from 35 days to two months.


TipsyTipsy : Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese (Woodstock, ON)

After winning the BDC 2014 Young Entrepreneur Award in Ontario, the cheese-makers at Gunn Hill thought it was time for a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese washed in Niagara red wine. It is brand new and if you like their artisan beer-washed Beau’s above you are apt to like this addition to one of the fastest growing cheese-making companies around. Pasteurized cow. Semi-soft. Wine washed. Aged 60 days.


VICTOR ET BERTHOLD-1Victor et Berthold : Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule (Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, QC)

This elegant semi-firm washed rind cheese is the new kid on the block in the rest of Canada but one of the oldest artisan cheeses made in Québec. Three generations of Guilbaults have made its light fruity flavour, coupled with a buttery and grassy aroma, a standard for many of the newer cheese-makers in the province. It holds its firmness as a pressed uncooked cheese that through its time proven process allows the raw milk to truly retain its bounty. This truly exemplifies the value of raw milk in the cheese-making process. I personally look forward to getting all of their cheeses to your door at one point. Made from whole raw cow’s milk. Aged from 75 to 90 days